Yiana Pandelis was born December 8th in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Her mother was born in Australia with Cypriot-Greek parents, and her father was born in Cyprus who then migrated to Australia after losing his family home during the Turkish invasion in 1977.

At the age of 2, Yiana was diagnosed with a hearing loss known to not have impacted any other family members. Yiana grew up was always eager to speak and communicate aloud using her own language. Her parents saw this endeavor and made the decision to raise her in a hearing world supporting her to improve and develop her speech.

At the age of 10, Yiana believed her heightened sense to lip read landed her first imaginative role as an assassin. Although with the lack of film crew, this film was never released.

Yiana has been doing acting classes for 11 years, graduating from a 2-year full-time course at Acting Performance Studios. Yiana has also done training at 16th Street and TAFTA completing several units. In 2014 & 2018 she attended Stella Adler in Los Angeles to continue to work on her craft doing intensive workshops.

Yiana has also attended film school at Swinburne University where she learned to direct, produce, write, and edit. After completing a year of her studies she had a realisation after reading a quote by Quentin Tarantino "I didn't go to film school, I went to films." From that point on, she decided to risk it all with what she knew to make her own films, telling stories that she believed in.

In 2018, the casting director Cinzia Coassin was looking for a deaf actress to play the leading role in the upcoming feature film Unsound. Four years ago Cinzia auditioned Yiana's and was surprised to have learned from her agent until after her audition that she was hearing impaired. Cinzia remembered Yiana and had her audition for Unsound. She landed the role and in preparation had to learn fluent Auslan within a few months.

Aside from acting and film making, Yiana has other interests such as writing, painting/drawing, basketball, fashion, karate, swimming, and stunts.

Yiana also has a great connection to music and finds herself learning new instruments including drums, piano, and guitar. She loves to travel and explore new places and wants to visit and see as many places and parts of the world as she can.