Gender: Female

Age Range: 16 - 26

Height: 167cm

Base Location: Melbourne

Hair: Brown

Eye: Hazel

Ethnicity: Caucasian, Cypriot/Greek


MV  Lead, Shelby, Featured, Rhys Graham

TVC Lead, Featured, Stressless Sam, MQFF

SF   Lead, Claire, The Stacks, Yiana Pandelis and Elisha Moore

D    Lead, Truly Proud, Yiana Pandelis

SF  Lead, Nate, Ties that Bind, Sebastian Taranto

FF  Lead, Finn, Unsound, Ian Watson

TV Guest, Jill Legends , Stan Harrington

SF Lead, Emily, Ghost Writer

SF Lead, Candice Lovesteen Unforgotten APS, Elisha Moore

T Lysander/PeaseBlossom Midsummer Nights Dream APS, Francis Greenslade

T Helen of Troy/Ismene Electra Hearts Orestes APS, Briony Dunn

SF Lead, Kyle Guilty APS, Jeyan Kernot Lee

SF Lead, Charlie Would I lie to You APS, Lola Farrelly

SF Romy Ray Misjudge APS, Yiana Pandelis

SF Producer Just In Case Swinburne University, Jack Pryce

TV Teenager Upper Middle Bogan Gristmill, Various

TV Featured Nowhere Boys Matchbox Pictures, Various

TV School girl Neighbours Fremantlemedia, Various

SF School girl Miss Fits APS, Luke Robson


Speech Pathways, Sarah Wilmot

Dialect and Voice, Suzanne Heywood

Acting Performance Studio Full Time Acting Course , Stage and Screen - Briony Dunn

Acting Performance Studio, Part-Time , Character Preparation, Text Analysis and Monologues - Bronwen Coleman

Acting Performance Studio Tv & Film , Acting for Television - Luke Robson

Stella Adler, Los Angeles Program , Acting, Voice, Screen, Stage

TAFTA, Part-Time , Acting - Mark Rufferty 


Proficient in Auslan and Kyokushin Karate.